Lunata Kids Playground

Lunata Kids Playground

A Universe full of fun and learning for all kids!

Lunata Kids Playground is a fun application made for children with the proposal to bring a lot of entertainment to the small ones with educational elements, unlike a totally educational application that does not usually attract much attention.

As activities we have 4 sections!

Drawing/Painting, Games, Animations and Pictures.


You can draw using fun tools, many colors and stamps on a blank sheet, on the Lunata characters or in a photo!



6 awesome games available!


The tradicional maching game with all Lunata characters and progressive difficulty levels!


Up to 4 racers can compete to win! Choose your car, call your friends and have great fun!


Help to save the baby from the evil bugs! Hit as much as possible until the time runs out!

2 Games here! Find the differences between the two pictures and find the image different from the others in the best time you can!


Have fun playing the basics of a platform game! In the stages, you can walk, throw, jump, fly and even become a ninja!!! Learn how to save the babies, and be ready to play Lunata Kids Adventure!


3 super strategy games!!!

Game1 – Open the cocoons acording to the clue!

Game2 – Which image doen’t belong to the group?

Game3 – Find the star inside the gift!



Chosse many characters from Lunata and play with their animations!



Take pictures and add fun frames of Lunata characters!