Lunata Rescue

Explore this handcrafted platformer game, and rescue the lost treehoppers!

Lunata Rescue brings back the classic platform style, adding new elements to traditional concepts. Unlike many games from this genre,  the whole level design is not linear, meaning the player doesn´t just move from left to right, but scouts the environment in all directions instead to achieve his goals.

In this adventure, Lunata is a small treehopper  insect,  on a journey to rescue all lost babies from his colony, captured by the evil Queen Donatella.

With beautiful hand-drawn cartoon style, you can explore 4 different gameplay modes (Campaign, Rush, Nightmare and Hardcore) and collect many achievements.

Lunata Rescue will be available on March 31st 2016 for free download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.



– Beautiful handcrafted platform game.

– 05 cartoon style unique maps.

– Explore the maze-like environment  to rescue the treehoppers.

– 04 challenging game modes.

– Collect insignias for your achievements.

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