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Scribble Plus

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What is Scribble+?

Scribble+ is the quick-draw, multiplayer party-game designed from the ground up to be playable by the whole family, anywhere in the world. All you need is connection to a web-browser, and any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop can become a controller. On top of that, multiple players can make use of a single device for their drawing needs.

It comes with over 1500 words from 17 categories, such as Objects, Places and People, and of course the customary "Difficult" category. However, it also includes an "Easy mode" category, customised specifically for children, meaning kids can play alongside adults and still take part in both drawing and guessing.

Players also have the option to create as many of their own words as they can think of, stored in a custom category that can be toggled on and off.

What truly makes Scribble+ stand out from the crowd, however, are the completely optional game modifiers. These "Mutators" change the way in which the game is played, specifically, how things are drawn. For example, Blackout mode covers the artist's screen with a black ink splat, making it tricky to see what they're drawing. Another example is Mirror Mode, which horizontally inverts where the artist is drawing. This can lead to some hilarious moments, when drawing something simple suddenly becomes seemingly impossible.

Hilarity usually ensues.

With multiple game modes, each offering a different experience, a "Just Doodle" mode has also been included, which strips out the timer and the Mutators, giving players a mode where they can just sit back and practice their drawing, make their own rules, or even combine it with their own board-games.

Twitch Play

Scribble+ comes with a fully integrated and incredibly easy way of connecting it to your Twitch Channel. All you need to do is activate the Twitch mode in settings, type in your Alias... and you're done!

Your viewers can combine their score into a single entity or you have have thousands of viewers competing for that top spot!

We're not done yet!

There are so many more modes that can be added to Scribble... so that's what's going to happen! Expect free updates in the future, introducing new modes, more words and more ways to have fun with your friends!


Scribble Plus Scribble Plus
Scribble Plus
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