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Smash Bash Crash

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Smash Bash Crash is a local multiplayer shoot ‘em up, smash ‘em up car game for up to 4 players. Battle against your friends, or if you prefer against AI opponents. Race around the various circuits competing to be the last player standing using your superb driving skills and expert marksmanship to avoid the destruction that comes at you from all angles. Plenty of thrills and spills, spectacular destruction and general mayhem is assured along with a large serving of fun for you and your friends.

Local Multiplayer Action

Crazy local multiplayer experience for up to 4 players. Play against your friends or AI opponents. The perfect game for lounging around with your friends on the couch smashing a few pizzas.

Challenging Circuits

High speed, drift friendly circuits to tight obstacle laden courses that'll tear your car to pieces. Smash Bash Crash features 12 fun and destructive courses for you to challenge your opponents.

Spectacular Destruction

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your opponent's cars crumbling and smashing to bits with every rocket, bullet and mine you pound into them. For that extra flair use the flamethrower to really set your opponents alight.

Vehicles and Weapons

Select from 5 different cars each with a variety of paint jobs. All cars are equipped with a formidable array of weapons including rockets, machine guns, mine and flame throwers.

Tournament Mode

Be the Grand Smash Bash Crash Champion playing with up to 16 players in tournament mode. Rule the world and be the best at everything.

Features include:
• Splitscreen for 2-, 3- or 4- local players (no online mode)
• Battle against real or AI opponents
• Multiple cars and paintjobs
• Weapons arrays with rockets, mine, cannon and flamethrower
• Spectacular damage vehicle physics and damage model
• 12 different tracks to battle on
• Keyboard, Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller support

Enjoy the mayhem!


Smash Bash Crash Smash Bash Crash
Smash Bash Crash
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