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Wildlife Park 3 - Amazonas

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Amazonas - Conquest of the "New World"

Travel to the “New World” and discover the incredible variety of animal species and landscapes South America has to offer. Follow the spectacular Amazon River from its source high up in the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, and descend with it into the discovered and undiscovered parts of the biggest evergreen forest of our planet.
Make room in your Wildlife Park for the river inhabiting Amazonian Manatees and Pink Dolphins! Take care of friendly capybaras, shy tapirs and stunning giant anteaters, but don’t forget to watch out for hungry Black Caimans lurking in the water and silent Margays sneaking through the rain trees above you. Create a beautiful home for the cute little Brocket Deer and fluffy Guanacos, the wild ancestor of the modern llama!
For your visitors your South American Wildlife Park provides a variety of new service facilities inspired by traditional and native South American life styles. Decorate your park with Reed Sculptures and burning Inka Towers and sell traditional dishes from all around the continent.

“Amazonas”-Features: 16 South American animal species, such as Ocelots, Anteaters, Scarlet Ibises, River Dolphins, Mazamas, Tapirs, Peccaries and Maned Wolves. 8 Visitor Facilites, such as a Reed Info Hut and a South American Souvenir Shop. 5 Decorative Items including different Reed Sculptures and Inka inspired towers.


Wildlife Park 3 - Amazonas Wildlife Park 3 - Amazonas
Wildlife Park 3 - Amazonas
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